Gastric Sleeve Pouch Reset

If you have had gastric sleeve surgery and have noticed a little weight climbing back on board, this five-day gastric sleeve pouch reset is a fantastic solution. Initially, gastric sleeve surgery is performed on people who are at risk of illness and disease because of their obesity.  Because the stomach can now hold a few ounces only, it restricts the amount of calories that can be consumed - the problem…the stomach can stretch over time, therefore, this ‘reset’ diet aims to control eating once more.

Gastric Sleeve Pouch Reset - Step By Step 

Step 1 - For the first two days, consume only a liquid diet. As well as protein shakes, be sure to keep your water levels high. For the first 48 hours, the main aim is to break the eating habits that have been resumed in recent times so you can drink as many shakes as you want. As long as you are getting the required nutrition, you can start to notice how often you were eating.

As mentioned, you are not aiming for weight loss during this phase; instead, you are attempting to remove the eating habits and start afresh. Although the stomach will not shrink back down to size, you will now have the ability to control portions.

Step 2 - After the two day bedding-in period, eat only protein. For example, day three can be filled with soft foods like cottage cheese and eggs like in our soft menu diet. Day four, you can move onto more wholesome foods like ground meats and meatloaf. On the fifth and final day, you will move onto solid proteins such as fish or a chicken breast. Use our whole food diet plans to establish a weekly meal schedue to help you stay on track.  When eating, bring everything back to basics which means no condiments and as dry as you can handle. Although you can eat as much as you like, you have a limit of fifteen minutes before you must stop.

Step 3 - Around thirty minutes before meals, stop drinking liquids. Because liquids push foods through the stomach easily, you are now limiting your portions. Essentially, you are stripping everything back to basics and completing the post-op bariatric diet once again. If the food is dry, you will find it easier to realise when you are full up which will then allow you to restrict meals and rediscover your portion control.

Top Tip - As you can see, this five-day gastric sleeve pouch reset diet restricts what you can and can’t eat so be sure to plan ahead. If you are going to start this diet tomorrow, for example, go out today and buy everything you will need. Diets and losing weight is all about your mindset and this is what you will be trying to achieve during these five days; rather than eating mindlessly, you are looking to bring conscious thought back into the kitchen. If you do this, you will be in a better position moving forward and the weight increases will stop. 


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