Six Week Success! Post Op Gastric Sleeve Diet.

Liquid, Pureed & Soft Diets - All Three Meal Plans, One Low Price!

The Post Op Gastric Sleeve Diet is a combination six week plan designed for success! It combines three unique two week plans for a total of six weeks.

The first six weeks following bariatric or gastric surgery, are critical for success and often the toughest. There is a complete change of lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and food. This plan helps guide individuals towards a successful outcome!

This plan includes three two week plans: Liquid Bariatric Diet Plan, Pureed Bariatric Diet Plan & Soft Bariatric Diet Plan. Each diet plan is laid out with simplicity and ease of preparation in mind. You will succeed with the Post Op Gastric Sleeve Diet's well designed combination of liquids, nutrients, and food that’s perfect for a successful six week recovery following surgery.

Post Op Gastric Sleeve Diet Plan