Are You Sensitive to Certain Foods?

You Need the Food Sensitivity Diet Plan!

The Bariatric Diet All Food Sensitivity Diet Plan is designed for all of the foods that you may be sensitive to following your bariatric surgery.

The truth is that you may already have sensitivity to certain foods. We all can’t eat spicy dishes or foods high in acidic properties. And that’s even before surgery. Following Bariatric surgery there is a very good chance that you will be sensitive to a variety of foods as your body adjusts. Don’t worry! The Bariatric Diet can help!

The Bariatric Diet All Food Sensitivity Diet combines specialized plans for overcoming common sensitivities following your surgery. These include the Spicy Food Plan, the Non Acidic Meal Plan, the Low Fat plan, the Processed Meat Free Plan, and even the Dairy Free Plan.

Food Sensitivity Diet Plan