Avoid Discomfort from Spices and Acids!  

The Spicy / Acid Free Food Plan

The Spicy / Acid Free Food Plan is your ticket to avoiding a common pitfall following gastric bypass or gastric sleee surgery.

Your body following surgery is going through a dramatic change.  You may be suddenly sensitive to spicy and or acidic foods. Don’t worry because this is common and Spicy / Acid Free Food Plan can help.

The plan is an easy to follow four week plan that helps you identify and avoid common foods and ingredients that may trigger a spicy or acidic reaction. Avoiding these items, known as “stressors,” can help you avoid pain, discomfort, and an upset stomach.

The plan outlines meal options, along with protein, fat and carbohydrate counts for each meal and a total calorie count for each meal.

Spicy / Acid Free Food Plan