Weight loss after gastric sleeve

When looking into gastric sleeve surgery or maybe you have already had the procedure, the main important question that people ask relates to how much should be lost each month. In truth, there is no definitive answerto how much weight loss after the gastric sleeve and so results cannot be promised from one person to the next. Of course, your doctor will estimate weight loss as a total figure but this is dependent on a number of variables. Furthermore, you will lose more weight in month one than you will as you move closer to your target weight.

Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Factors

Percentages - Ultimately, there are a number of factors that contribute towards monthly weight loss including age, starting weight, gender, exercise, your control over your diet, and more. With that in mind, percentages are perhaps the most effective way of assessing weight loss. Before we head into calculations, it is important to note that excess weight marks the difference between your target weight and your current weight.

If we use an example, you could be 100 pounds above your target and therefore have this as excess weight. If you were to lose 50% of excess weight, this means that you would have cut your excess weight in half to 50 pounds. In reality, some people have the potential to lose 70% of their excess body weight whilst others can only reach 50% after a year. When it comes down to it, all of the aforementioned factors will play a role and only your physician can make accurate predictions looking at your unique profile.

Weight Loss Affecting Factors - Although there are many factors affecting weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery, perhaps the most important is how well you are able to follow recommendations when it comes to your diet and exercise. Furthermore, your weight before the procedure will play a part because you are more likely to lose more of your excess weight if you start on a lower weight. Finally, it can be important to consider factors such as gender and age because these will decide how your body is made up and how effective the surgery will be.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Limitations - Compared to some of the other surgical options available regarding weight loss, gastric sleeve is fairly new. For example, the classic gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding are both older choices. At first, the gastric sleeve process was only done as the first stage of a more complicated operation. However, many experts realized that it could be used as a standalone procedure back in 2009. With less than ten years of procedures to fall back on, there is a bigger risk than with the more accomplished options. With that being said, it has been recognized as an effective method of weight loss surgery and studies continue to develop in order to increase our knowledge of how they can be improved over time.


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